Revocation / Return

On our web pages you will find information of a general nature about the topic of anxiety and panic as well as about our products. If you are interested in purchasing our products, we will direct you to the seller of our products, the Digistore24 marketplace. The sale of our products is only done by Digistore24. Basically, Digistore24 is the right contact for you regarding questions in connection with the purchase of our products, especially with regard to a revocation, etc.

We are authorized by Digistore24 to help you with any technical problems. You can contact us at any time in case of a problem with the download or loss of e-books or other files, and we will provide you with a new download link. To do so, simply email us at

Digistore24 has asked us to inform you that you have no legal right of withdrawal against Digistore24 with regard to the purchase of the e-books and videos. A right of withdrawal is excluded because the e-book, video or sound file you have purchased and downloaded from Digistore24 cannot be returned without residue and is therefore not suitable for return. However, Digistore24 still provides you with a right of return, so that you can still completely reverse your payment up to 60 days after purchase. To make it easy for you to exercise your right of return, we have authorized Digistore24 to handle the return for you through us as well.

To make a return, please send an email to: