Proven tips against anxiety, panic, nervous restlessness or stress. Eliminates negative thoughts. Already successfully applied by over 20,000 people from home.

Panic attacks & anxiety - what to do?

How to release inner turmoil, sleep well again and live a happy, carefree life without panic or anxiety.

Do any of these apply to you?

Do you sometimes feel trapped?

Do you ever tense up and feel like you’re about to panic?

Would you like to be more relaxed, liberated, fun-loving, and spontaneous?

Are you afraid of having your next panic attack? Or do you feel like you’re in a vicious cycle of fearing fear itself?

Do you sometimes have palpitations

Do you often feel distressed, anxious or dizzy

Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you're restless or uneasy?

Do you avoid going out because your anxiety might return at any time?

Do you want to be free again, drive a car worry-free, meet people or go shopping without worry?

Have you ever had obsessive thoughts or nervous feelings?

Are you afraid of rejection when someone hears about your panic attacks?

Perhaps, therapy did not work?

Imagine this: soon, your friends will notice that you are full of positive energy and carefree again.

If this is something you want to achieve, be sure to read this website until the end - it could change your life!

How to calm down, live a relaxing life and be at ease

You may be familiar with the following symptoms:

  • Pressure in your chest
  • tingling in your stomach
  • a feeling of anxiety or panic
  • a dull feeling of being uneasy
  • tension
  • overwhelming anxiety
  • suffocation
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • shortness of breath
  • difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • obsessive-compulsive thoughts or actions
  • insecurity in groups of several people
  • fear of tight spaces or crowds
  • etc.

If at least one of these symptoms sounds familiar to you, then you're definitely not alone. Millions of people around the world experience the same problems on a daily basis.

Luckily, there is a way that you can get back to doing all the things you enjoyed before you were suffering from anxiety or panic attacks.

My story...

My name is Dominik Janson. I personally suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for years, so I know exactly how it feels.

To most outside observers, I appeared rather normal. I had a fulfilling job, a happy marriage, a wonderful daughter with another child on the way and a harmonious relationship with my parents and siblings.

But in addition to these wonderful things, I had a few significant problems that I kept to myself. There were things that bothered me at night and invaded my thoughts.

After a vacation, while at the airport in Las Vegas, I had my first panic attack. I could no longer breathe properly, I was afraid of suffocating and ended up on the floor in the foetal position.

I was transported to the hospital, but the doctors found no "issues" in my body.

Today, I know it was a panic attack, and it wasn't the last. As a result, I was constantly afraid that the next panic attack would occur at any time. At first, I thought that I could control it on my own and suppress the anxiety. That didn't work.

I became afraid that bad things would happen to me that were out of my control. Existential fears consumed my thoughts.

I didn't want to go out, meet people, or drive a car anymore. I didn't want to do anything anymore. The pressure increased as I also had to (and wanted to) take care of my two children. I was afraid of disappointing the people I love.

In the end, I felt completely miserable.

But today, everything is different. After countless therapy sessions, I've figured out how to beat my panic and anxiety disorder. Today, I can say I am healed, happier and more satisfied than ever before.

I once again am able to go through my day with ease, enjoyment and without tension.

When my sister also developed panic attacks some time later, I explained to her how I beat my anxiety. I applied exactly the same measure that I successfully used. 

She followed my coaching, and today, she is also free from anxiety and panic attacks.

Encouraged by the transformation both my sister and I experienced, I began to help other people I knew to overcome their anxiety.

The Janson Method

Developed over many years, this program will help you get rid of panic attacks and anxiety. You will learn how to escape negative thoughts, quickly get a clear headspace and relax! 

My program clearly spells out exactly how to deal with unpleasant everyday situations and find inner peace again.

For years, I was consumed by anxiety. At first, I didn't want to admit it and suppressed it heavily. I often felt unhappy in situations that seemed "normal" to others.

I didn't want to disappoint my wife and children. I felt trapped in my situation. I thought I was a failure and was ashamed to have anyone discover it.

But now, I am totally healed and lead a happy, carefree life without fear or anxiety.

I have created a detailed summary of all the knowledge that has personally supported me to overcome my affliction. With this guide, I could have saved myself hours of worrying, many trips to therapy and a lot of money.

In this digital program, I will guide you through every single step to conquer your anxiety disorder or panic attacks.

This guide wil prepare you to ...

... lead an anxiety-free life again 

... go out more often 

... enjoy normal everyday situations 

... experience life in a relaxed and stress-free manner.

Most common approaches failed me

With the steps outlined in my program, I could have saved myself countless hours of anxiety and a lot of money for therapy.

Before going to costly therapy sessions, I invite you to try this guide first. If you already are receiving therapeutic support, then I firmly believe that the information and guidance in this program will speed up your healing and journey to living a “normal” life once again.

There are many triggers and causes of anxiety

These include traumatic events, family discord, child responsibilities, perfectionism, illness, health, money problems, drugs, stressful driving situations, strained relationships, stressful work situations, crying babies, the pressure of exams, or not being able to say "no"...

Panic can be triggered by both small and large events, even without a psychological or physical cause. On page 17 of the guide, you will learn the one main cause of your suffering.

Anxiety is not your fault - especially in this day and age

The struggle occurs at all educational and income levels. It can affect healthy, young and older people alike. In our chaotic and troubled world, anxiety is restricting more and more people every day.

Unfortunately, there are also more and more false and confusing treatments out there that claim to be the solution but that don’t work at all.

Anyone can conquer anxiety

The bad news is that there is no single exercise or pill to cure your anxiety.

But, the good news is that with some small but effective adjustments, you can change your life permanently for the better! It doesn't matter what phase of life you are currently in, whether you are young or old, a happy anxiety-free life awaits you!

Did you know...

... that anxiety is produced by a physical reaction when the stress hormone, cortisol, is released? And that you can take advantage of this information?

... that an estimated 40 million people suffer from panic attacks and anxiety in the USA? Certain techniques lead to an extremely high healing rate.

... that anxiety is a cycle? With each panic attack, the level of anxiety gets worse. The good thing is that you only have to stop the state of anxiety once.

With each panic situation you get over, your anxiety will subside a bit more until you are soon completely devoid of anxiety.

Why use the Janson Method?

In total, I have read 34 books on this topic, listened to 14 audiobooks, studied over 250 hours of podcasts and read countless articles.

All this knowledge, which has helped me enormously personally, I have compressed into the Janson Method, which includes the most effective methods for treating anxiety and panic disorders.

This info will also help you live a more positive life when your anxiety is eventually gone. In doing so, I have also omitted irrelevant theory and extravagant explanations.

The Janson Method can help you with the following diagnoses:

  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Inner restlessness
  • Bad or obsessive thoughts
  • Social anxiety

The result: you will feel free, more carefree, lighter and more empowered to live your happiest life!

This is what you get

Download of the Janson Method

You will be taken to the program directly after ordering.

Countless tips and tools

Holistic, natural and positive tools to support all areas of your life, which will lead to a more carefree, conscious and healthy life.

Emergency plan for panic attacks

What you can do in case of an acute panic attack.

This program is exactly what I wished I had a few years ago after my first panic attack. Right now, you can decide to actively fight against this.

What this program will teach you

  • The one trigger that initiates your problems
  • How to release inner restlessness, sleep well again and lead a happy life
  • How to go through the day with ease and feel genuine happiness again
  • How to relieve panic attacks and anxiety without others knowing that you might be affected by them
  • How you can go outside again without anxiety and enjoy everyday life
  • How your anxiety arose and why you have not yet had success with anything you’ve already tried
  • How to avoid a mistake you probably make on a daily basis
  • How to get rid of obsessive thoughts
  • How to prevent panic attacks even in unpleasant situations (e.g. at work or with friends) without anyone noticing
  • How to break the cycle of anxiety
  • How to gain a new sense of self-confidence and positive energy
  • How everyone can conquer anxiety
  • How to get back to doing the things that bring you joy and fun in life
  • How to be freer again
  • How to get rid of negative thoughts

Secrets revealed in the program

  • My advice to you as a person affected, not as a doctor - p. 8 4
  • Things that help immediately when you feel the first signs of a panic attack - p. 86
  • What tips you've probably gotten before that don't do anything or are a waste of time - p. 9
  • 2 ways to quickly get into a calmer state when you just feel anxiety or panic (works in 5 minutes and also on the go) - p. 19
  • The poison you probably unconsciously consume on a daily basis that brings about anxiety - p. 34
  • 1 Vitamin that most people lack and can cause negative thoughts - p. 38
  • The simple trick you can use to eliminate the things that trigger panic attacks - p. 20
  • The mental hack that will result in positive thoughts, so you are happy and cheerful during the day - p. 63
  • The one thing that is considered "healthy" but which I still advise against - p. 37
  • Why your body creates stress that results in vertigo or nausea - p. 18
  • What you can put in your room to resolve permanent restlessness or obsessive thoughts - p. 82
  • How to reverse a "block" that results in you being happy and cheerful again - p. 21
  • How your relationships can give you the energy to do things that are fun again - p. 62
  • 1 Exercise that calms you down - p. 29
  • Foods that have a big effect on anxiety - p. 31
  • The method paramedics used to save me from my first panic attack - p.13
  • The specific behaviour that detoxifies your body and mind - p. 25
  • The shortcut for how to identify what triggers your panic attacks in a few seconds - p. 45
  • What influence your teeth or root canal treatments have - p. 66
  • 1 exercise that will make you sleep better so that you wake up relaxed the next morning - p.46
  • What you can do so that an anxiety attack does not suddenly come "out of the blue" - p. 19
  • The one thing that messes up your hormone balance (you can avoid it and even save money in the process) – p. 55
  • What the feeling of shame has to do with your panic attacks - and how you can take advantage of it - p. 22
  • The simple hack that lowers your resting heart rate - p. 65
  • High Fat? Low Carb? Paleo? There are foods that have an impact on your well-being. - p. 24
  • An athletic 5-minute exercise that calms your body and relieves anxiety (you don't need to pay for a gym or buy equipment) – p. 74
  • Why bad things, trauma or other trigger situations may be experienced by you again and again - and how to get rid of these bad thoughts - p. 22
 ... and much more!

The Cost of the Janson Method

What value would you give to truly live life to the fullest again? I would definitely have paid several hundred pounds if I knew then how I could get rid of my anxiety and panic attacks quickly and easily.

The quality of life and time that I would have gained would have been worth so much more!

When I calculated all of the costs of prescription drugs, fees for psychologists, psychiatrists and alternative therapy costs… The total was well in excess of 1000€ a year.

Everyone has the right to live without anxiety and not be consumed by worry. In the creation of The Janson Method, I have invested countless hours to create a truly life-changing program.

We also incur monthly fixed costs for hosting, website maintenance, distribution costs, etc.

I believe that 59€ is a very fair price for such a transformative program as this… and a mere fraction of the cost of therapy!

However, out of my commitment to support you to overcome your anxiety and panic attacks, I am prepared to offer you today a price of 29€ 59€. This is also a one-time payment with no subscription or continuing costs.

A summary of what you get today.


Money-Back Guarantee

60-day money-back guarantee

Our No-Risk Policy ensures that you’ll only pay if you successfully get rid of your anxiety or panic disorder. Unlike most online health programs, we guarantee a 100% money-back guarantee.

If at any point in the next 60 days you don't see any positive effects, or you're not completely satisfied for any other reason, you’ll receive a full, no questions asked refund.

What others are saying about the Janson Method?

Ann V.

"No more panic attacks for a week"

First of all, I really want to compliment you and say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! When you have panic attacks you feel extremely alone and powerless, you are simply consumed by anxiety!

You followed the advice you shared in ‘The Janson Method’ yourself and successfully overcame your anxiety and so, encouraged us who were also affected to do it too. That motivated me and gave me courage! Thanks for your inspiration.

I can proudly say that I haven't had a panic attack in over a week and that feels so very good! It is currently of course still that my thoughts are circling and in certain situations such as stress at work certain tensions still occur and I still listen too much into my body but I think I am definitely on the right track!

I also have to say that I have suffered from panic attacks since I was very young and they have caught up with me again and again to this day. Now at age 37 I've also tried a lot of things unsuccessfully in an effort to overcome my anxiety.

I’ve tried so many things that have not really helped but had so many side effects. After lots of experiments, my symptoms came back again anyway. That's why I started reading a lot about this topic and luckily I came across your great program.

Lise K.

"Each morning I think about what I read in your book the previous evening"

"Each morning I think about what I read in your book the previous evening. I find your book really very interesting, your program continually inspires me. Thanks to you, I started to work on myself, focusing on positive thoughts, etc. The chapter I read today really hit home, even more so because of the Covid situation. In spite of the state of the world, today I feel wonderful. Thanks for your tips.”

Jerry P.

"I implement the tips daily while reading them"

I am really very impressed by your experience and actually find myself relating closely with your story. I put many of your tips into practice while reading, so I am inspired to conquer my anxiety. Your material is really very easy to read.

I'm curious to see how it will develop, but it already feels very good, and I thank you very much for that.

Jan V.

"The anxiety disorder has been more bearable since I began your program"

It's good to know I have someone by my side who knows what he's talking about! The book is very informative. I am grateful that there are people who are familiar with this struggle and understand how to help.

I only bought your method a few days ago. The anxiety is not gone yet, but it is more bearable. And so I'm just noticing how it is getting easier every day.

Dan S.

"I have uncovered the source of my problems"

Thanks to your method, I feel much better and have also used many tips successfully. Thank you again and all the best.

Carmen C.

"I now know how to turn my anxiety into joy"

Thanks to your book, and above all your subsequent emails, in which you describe how anxiety can be transformed into joy, I feel much better. I thank you for your book and your help and I wish you continued success and all the best with it.

Alice J.

"I feel so much better!"

I have felt stressed far too often, with 4 children, a sick friend for 3 months, my inability to go to work and the pandemic on top of all that! I have felt stuck at home, as a teacher, supervisor and nurse. At times, it has tended to overwhelm me and my stress has increased. This has resulted in illness and pain all over my body. I am now steering my mind towards positive thinking regularly.

This helps me to get away from negative thoughts. Every evening I read the sentences from your book to help me fall asleep. This is now my evening ritual. Thank you!

Steve O.

"Your method showed me the right way"

Your method showed me the right way to think. You saved me a lot of research.

Henrietta M.

"My fears calm down and I look for my own way out"

Thanks to your program, my anxiety has calmed and I am looking for my own way out of the trauma I’ve lived with for far too many years. The e-book has already helped me a lot in a few stressful situations, I haven't had any more panic attacks!

I also have learned to look for my own way out of troubling situations. I am very proud of the progress I’ve made! I now feel better, the anxiety comes and goes and the biggest trigger is my obsessive thoughts, but they too are slowly calming down. I think most people with anxiety disorders have obsessive-compulsive thoughts that they get into on a regular basis.

I slowly try to get out of my own comfort zone and with small steps, I am succeeding and making daily progress.

Karen L.

"It's a really helpful program"

Thank you! Your program has a lot of personal experience behind it and makes learning the steps to freedom so easy!

Lisa I.

"Thank you"

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm benefiting from it a lot right now!

Kristin W.

"I've been doing really well for two weeks"

It helped me a lot because it's a book without a lot of fluff. The last 14 months have been anything but easy, and not just because of the pandemic.

I was also afraid of the fear.

I'm working on it and I've actually been doing really well for about two weeks.

Without attacks! Thank you!

Who is the Janson Method suitable for?


  • Great for people who have had little success with other therapies or those who want to save themselves a trip to a psychologist
  • Ideal for those who want to enjoy ‘normal’ everyday situations again
  • Designed for those who want to get rid of symptoms (e.g. racing heart, panic, chest pressure, stress) quickly
  • Created for those looking for a natural and long-term solution to get rid of panic attacks and anxiety
  • Perfect for people who do not want to read hundreds of books and studies themselves, but need a compact summary of this valuable knowledge to become free from anxiety and panic attacks
  • A drug-free solution that works


  • People who want to continue trying "outdated" therapy methods
  • If you buy books but ultimately don't read them, this program is not for you
  • Those who already have their panic attacks & anxiety under control may find this program unnecessary

Fast, anonymous, safe

  • Imagine if you could tell your friends in a few months how you overcame the panic attacks and are now carefree and happy again.
  • This program shows you step by step how to manage your stress to become anxiety and panic-free.
  • After you purchase this program you will be able to download it immediately. Your future self will thank you!

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Maximum security

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